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GRAND Flash Album Gallery Extras

by on Sep.13, 2009, under Photos, PHP, Programmierung

Heute mal auf Englisch, weil das Originalplugin auch in English zur Verfügung steht.

Update 2009-09-13: New version. Can now work around WP-Cache

GRAND Flash Album Gallery is a simple to use and professional looking way to present pictures on your website, it even has a nice looking full-screen-option.

There were two features that I really missed:

  • Ability to link to a specific gallery and picture
  • Removing the [Gallery not found]-tags from excerpts

For those two I wrote my own little plugin called “flash-album-gallery-extras“.
It is more of a quickhack than a real plugin because I had to change the central xml.php file that comes with the Flash Album Gallery Skins (which is used to output an ordered xml-list of the pictures grouped by galleries) and because I use two Session-variables to “communicate” with the xml.php. Changing the flash that requests the xml to using additional GET-Parameters would be a cleaner approach, but that would require the authors help.

Maybe he likes my approach and integrates my code (or my idea) into his original solution.

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